How to setup GAWMiners to mine with your computer Windows, Mac, or Linux

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This is straight from gawminers’ support with a little more OS specific clarity added by me. My ZenController didn’t work out of the box, so they sent me these instructions. I ended up flashing the raspberry pi and just installing Raspbian with cgminer and using the command below. However, this would work for any computer if you didn’t have a Raspberry Pi or ZenController!
Step by Step Setup Guide for Gen A Miners:
1. Download and Extract: also available on my site here
2. Make sure you have this driver installed:
3. Open up notepad and paste in:
cgminer.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u 1KQxLLQNxgn2upd4TtGbtiRdm3f5UWC9k8 -p x –nocheck-golden –chips-count 128 –ltc-clk 328 -S //./COM4
3a. Change pool info to your own
3b. change COM4 to your COM port (Go to device manager to find your COM port for your miner)
3c. change chips count to your miner’s
Please Note:
Chip Count
War Machine: 256
Falcon: 128
Black Widow: 64
Fury: 6
4. For Windows: Save text file as miner.bat file in the same folder as your cgminer.exe
For Mac/Linux – just save it as a file in the same folder as cgminer, set permissions to 755 “chmod 755”
5. Run batch file and profit!
Windows cmd line: run minder.bat
Mac/Linux: ./
If you want to build cgminer from source:
cd to the root directory
Run “autoreconf -fvi”
Run “CFLAGS=”-O2″ ./configure”
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Controlling my email habits

I have had to learn to control my email checking habits. It took a long time, because the anxiety of possibly missing something was too much for a long time. Then I realized that I am not responsible for someone who emails at 4:55pm on a Friday asking for an answer by Monday at 9am.  I am also not responsible for someone who emails me on Saturday or Sunday, either.

My weekends are for my family and for me. If I wanted to work on the weekends, I would have negotiated that into my pay and I would have not become a father.

If you’re emailing me on Friday in the late afternoon, Saturday, or Sunday and expecting an answer before Monday at 11am, you’re going to have a bad time.  If it’s that much of an emergency, call me. If you don’t have my number and can’t find it, then I’ll get back to you on Monday.

Also, you need to know that my phone doesn’t ring or vibrate because I am not a slave to my phone. Yeah, I play games on it or check Facebook, but I choose when that happens. Not the other way around.  If you call and you find my voicemail, I am not avoiding you. I am avoiding everyone. There’s something else going on, like work, or hanging out with my wife and baby. I’ll get back to you.

What are the repercussions?

Well, on Monday I usually get messages or texts or more emails asking me if I saw this or that email. My response is, “I haven’t checked my emails yet, but I will, and I will respond accordingly.” This is a hard line and people don’t always like it. Guess what, they’re not the boss of me. I am not saying this to be rude or inconsiderate to other people. I am saying this, because I have to control my surroundings, my inputs, the things that pull on me, and the signal vs. noise. If I don’t my heart starts racing, my brain stops working, my stomach gets in knots, and I can’t breathe. It’s like drowning and it’s not fun.

This process is not for everyone and frankly, it’s a bit new to me. However, it is working for me and it’s helping me to be more organized, more focused, and less drown-y. Which is the best for me, right now.

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Add Doge Donate information to the bottom of your WP posts

As you can see at the bottom of this page, I have QR code and a donation address for my Dogecoin wallet.  I have built a plugin that will add this information to the bottom of all posts automatically. The one thing I did though, is make sure it only adds this block to the individual posts, not any pages where there’s a list of posts.

If you download the file below, upload the zip to your WordPress site and install it, you will have a new link under “Settings” which will allow you to add an address and set the size of your QR code.

You can also style this addition to your site, through the provided CSS placeholder code. Just copy and paste it into your style sheet, then add whatever CSS you’d like.

Download the Original Plugin

Download the Tip Button Plugin - see DogeWidget for more information

Please give me feedback in the comments and consider donating if you like the plugin!

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(Tater) Tots for Toys

I love tater tots. They are delicious.

Kids love toys.

Toys for Tots is a thing.

Why not (tater) tots for toys?


Cook some tots, sell them, eat them, proceeds goes to Toys for Tots. Done. Easy. Simple. Fun. Delicious.

Everyone. Every single one. Wins.

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Day 128

There was a game on Facebook that popped up in my feed as an ad. They put up a Panzer and said, “Now you can feel like Patton”. I commented, “Um, Panzer was a German tank, so now I can feel like one of Hitler’s commanders?”. They changed the ad.

I didn’t have many notes today, I wasn’t feeling it. I was working and trying to get things done.

I did however shave 5 seconds off the load time of a website.

Side project profits as of this morning (to date since 11/23/13):

Costs on oDesk so far this week: $27.69
Ad costs: 19.88


Fb impressions: 19,385 / Clicks: 21 / CTR: .011% Avg visits per week over 7 days: 19 Avg visits per week over 7 days: 113

Shirt of the day: Colorado Startup Survey’s “Startup In Colorado”, white text on a green Next Level 100% Ringspun cotton shirt

Hoodie of the day: The Startup Shirt Charcoal Canvas Tri-blend hoody

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Day 127

[no pictures this day]

I am an anxious person. Often, I just start thinking about something I have to do and if I get that rush of anxiety I just walk away. I am trying to push myself into the waterfall and just do these things. It’s tough, really really tough.

I hand write 99% of all the emails I send out, I typically do not use form emails unless it is of utmost importance to do so. To that effect, if you receive an email from me about a job, I wrote it for you and not for a mailing list.

It is weird to me how even though I am reading 100+ resumes a day, my brain can still generate that little tingle in the back that says, “You’ve seen this resume before”.

I refuse to make E live in a world where she worries that I won’t be able to provide for her, whether it be medical, food, a roof, or education. She will be taken care of as my first priority even if it means I don’t sleep, I don’t eat, and I don’t do anything other than work my ass off to make it happen. There will never be any question in my mind of whether to spend my money on E’s survival and education or spend it on ANYTHING else.

Side project profits as of this morning (to date since 11/23/13):

  • -$163.4
  • Costs on oDesk are $148.93
  • Ad costs: $12.23


  • Fb ad impressions: clicks:
  • Items on my new project site: 200
  • People working on the new project: 3
  • Avg visits per week over 7 days: 20
  • Avg visits per week over 7 days: 100

Shirt of the day: WordPress “code Poetry” on a grey long sleeved 100% cotton American Apparel shirt

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Day 126

Stats today:

  • Bitcoin: 0.00003786 BTC owned (thanks to tryBTC)
  • TheStatupShirt Facebook ads: 7500 impressions, 5 clicks, $3.80 spent in the first 4.5 hours
  • stats:
    • Ad: 82 page views for $0.05
    • Traffic: 605 page views per week over the last 6 weeks
  • YouTube: 328 views on youtube, 131 subscribers
  • Money spent on these projects to date through oDesk: $148.94

Things to know about these stats:

  • will give you free bit coins and explain how the system works. I walked away from $0.02 in
  • The Facebook ads started at 3pm on Sunday Nov 24
  • has been up 10 months, until this past week only about 1/3 of the content of the site was up
  • There is now a total of 244 individual episodes of WatchGoodEats featured on the site
  • The money spent includes 4 people on “test projects” and 2 people working up to a total of 60 hours per week between and another project.

Uncooked rice is the not the same as cooked rice when you’re counting calories. Do the maths.

I made and inserted a turkey into a brine last night. Inside the turkey I found what I initially thought would be a giblets bag, but no. It was a bag of gravy mix.

Shirt of the day: SendGrid, blue and white logo on dark grey American Apparel 50/50

Hoodie of the day: The Startup Shirt on black Tultex 80% cotton/20% polyester

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Day 125

I got my hoodies today. I am very excited. So excited I published these: and

I tried to set up a Facebook ad, but it wouldn’t process. It finally did process and is scheduled to run tomorrow afternoon.

Shirt of the day: Millenial Media
Hoodie of the day: The Startup Shirt on a Canvas Tri-Blend Hoody

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Day 124

Doing a count where a value in one column matches a value in another column in Google spreadsheets is a pain. You have to add in error checking in case the filter returns #N/A.

I called a candidate who has a Google Voice number. When it said, “State your name” I started leaving a voicemail, like an idiot.

Shirt of the day: WordCamp Denver 2012


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Day 123

I found this on twitter and I really liked it.

I found this on twitter and I really liked it.

Snow. Outside.

Managing 4 VAs at the same time, trying a couple out to see who I like – is daunting.

Want to be annoyed? Close iTunes. Plug in your iPhone. Close iTunes. Plug in your iPad. Close iTunes again.

WTD: Wifi Transmitted Disease

Big Red Soda is like bubble gum flavored soda. AKA, Dr. Pepper missing half it’s ingredients.

I almost stopped what I was doing and wrote some code today. Almost.

Shirt of the day: Boulder Startup Week 2013

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