A Vacuum Cleaner and the Fate of Humanity

I haven’t written a blog post in a long time, but someone suggested I tell this story.

I have a bunch of stuff I need to sell, so I figured Craig’s List was the place to go.  Things like, a 5DVD change, a Vacuum, a desk, and some movies.  Simple, easy, 5 minute transactions.  “Here’s your stuff, thank you for the money”.  Seriously, this is what every transaction I have ever been a part of has consisted of.

This however has not been the case for the last 3 days.

I posted the items on Sunday night and sold some of the movies right away, like within an hour.  I didn’t hear anything else until the next day.

This is what happened Monday night:

Person 1: “Do you still have the 5 DVD changer?”

Me: “Yep”

Person 1: “Where are you located?”

Me: “Parker and Arapahoe”

Person 1: “Oh”

Me: “Where are you located?”

Person 1: “Parker and Hampden”

Me: “I can meet you half way”

Person 1: “No, I am just being lazy, I’ll call you back in 10 minutes”

They never called back.

Then the classic interaction which spanned from Monday until tonight (Tuesday at 10:20PM):

Her: “You still have the vacuum?  I would like to pick it up.”

Me: “Yep, I am at [insert address], when can you come and get it?”

Her: “I will have to come tonight, can you repeat the address?”

Me: “I just sent you a link to a Google Map, you can get directions there”

Her: “Ok, I would like to come by tonight around 8PM”

Me: “OK, sounds great.”

… 8PM rolls around …

Her: “I am at Hampden and Parker, which way do I go?”

Me: “Go towards the mountains, that is west.  Then go LEFT, that is South about 2-3 miles until you see Arapahoe.”

Her: “OK, I’ll be there in a little while.”

… 10 minutes pass, she calls me back …

Her: “I am at Parker and Yale, which way do I go? I don’t want to go on the highway, I will end up in a different state”

Me: “Go South on Parker about 3-4 miles until you see Arapahoe, pull into the Target parking lot, i will meet you there.”

… Yes, she went NORTH …

… 20 minutes pass, she calls again …

Her: “I am at Parker and Florida, I just wanted to make sure I was going the right way”

Me: “You went further North, turn around and come south about 5 miles.  You will not be able to miss Arapahoe. Pull into the Target and I will meet you.”

Her: “OK”

… 20 more minutes, she calls again …

Her: “I am at Hampden and Parker, I think I am going to give up”

Me: “OK, I understand. Sorry this is so confusing. Maybe we can try again when it is light out, to make it easier.”

Her: “Yeah, I think that is a good idea. Thank you”

… 24 hours later, it is 10:20PM. I am walking into my bedroom and my Fiance hands me the phone …

Her: “This is [name here], I was just calling to tell you I will not be coming tonight.”

Me: “OK … “

Her: “I will try to come on my day off, if you haven’t sold it already”

Me: “When is your day off?”

Her: “Saturday and Sunday”

Me (thinking) “You mean the weekend…?”

Me: “Ok, well please call me before you try to come down here again, there was someone who said they might be able to come and get it tomorrow”

Her: “OK, thank you.”

… I think about going to bed, instead I write this blog post …

The following is literally the path she took to get to Parker and Arapahoe.  Point of order, she never made it to the last stop, and this took her over an hour to accomplish.


The reason I am worried about the fate of the planet is that these were not the only two people I talked to.  There were 4 people on the phone, all of this caliber.  Also, there were people over email who either didnt respond or sent me 4 emails about the same item from 2 different email accounts.

How do people survive?  I am serious, how do they survive?  If you cannot print Google Map directions, write them down.  If you can’t follow them, take someone with you, or stop at a gas station and ask directions.  Let alone the fact that what sounded like an elderly lady was going out at night to meet a strange guy, possibly in a dark parking lot to buy a used vacuum. I would never do anything, but has no one heard of “The Craig’s List Killer”?? This is a real person who preyed on people he met online.  GET A FUCKING CLUE, the world is not all roses and good buzzes.  I wish it was, but at some point you have to pull your head out of your ass long enough to get the things you need.  Most Americans forgo getting the things they need and spend all their efforts trying to snatch up things they want.

These people couldn’t do common things like, figure out directions, drive one direction, follow through when you call someone to buy something, email from a single address… The list goes on.

This was possibly the craziest 3 days of my selling things on Craig’s List.  It is enough to make me question where our world is headed, and at the very least it makes me wonder if I will ever try to sell things online again.  Maybe I will just drop off all my old crap at Goodwill and call it a day.  Or a night, if you are that second lady.

Oh yeah, everything I put up on Craig’s List, except 2 BluRay movies (out of a list including about 20 DVDs total), is still for sale.

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  • http://midwestmoms.blogspot.com Midwest Mom

    Hm. Survival skills, anyone??

    My vote is Goodwill.

  • http://tekee.wordpress.com/ Ted

    OMG, those are the same people that come to buy my stuff. Usually 10 calls but no willingness to come get it. I never offer to meet halfway though, too sketchy. More often I get the money order offers or pay pal, both of which can be scammers. I’m like, “Did you NOT read the CASH ONLY part of my ad?”

    • http://www.mkbernier.com Matt Bernier

      Oh, it is completely annoying. If the item would fetch less than $50 I will probable just donate it from now on.