I am and have been a PHP developer for many years. I have learned much about how the web development worlds works from many sides. I have developed my own sites, developed sites for other people, managed developers building sites, and gone through the proposal process more times than I can count.

I work with WordPress, Zend Framework, CakePHP, and many code bases that rely on these technologies.

My amazing wife, Melissa, keeps me grounded and slaps me back to reality when I need it. We would both prefer to be hiking through the Rocky Mountains with our dog Cricket than sitting at a desk, however we are hard workers and take our jobs seriously.

If you are interested in the things that I do or in having me come and talk to your company or work on your website, please contact me.

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  • Pam norton

    Hi Matt do u have any word press experience have a last minute project need help next week thanks pM

    • admin

      I work with WordPress every day. Sorry I missed this message. Please feel free to contact me! http://twitter.com/mbernier is the best way.

      Also, check out my company Spotted Koi: http://spottedkoi.com

      • http://mkbernier.com Matt Bernier

        I no longer work with Spotted Koi. Please contact me through the contact link on the sidebar of every page on my site!

  • ransae

    Hi Matt, nice meeting you……

  • Ruud Reijmerink

    Ho Matt, great to be connected with you! With warm regards, Ruud.