Ad Mob and SeoClear

I have had a blog sitting on for some time now, and one day I got some spammy email about mobile advertising, so I tried it out on SEOClear.  I added my site to my new account at AdMob and then I got the wordpress mobile plugin, which allows people who view your site with mobile devices to be able to read the site. With this plugin, you can put your admob account id, and it will serve up ads accordingly.

The last thing I did was to always allow any ads that are “pending” or ads that are requested to be displayed on my site.

Currently, I believe that I have over 2000 ads that are “approved” for SEOClear mobile.  However, because I have ZERO people who read the site with their mobile devices I have earned $0.00.

I personally, think this is hilarious.  Maybe someday, I will earn some money from those ads…

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