Adventures in Todo listing everything (continued)

This whole adventure started with my getting much more organized, looking for a way to streamline my workflow, and using Evernote to do all of this for me.  This went pretty well for a while until I realized that my efforts in Evernote wasn’t going to work. I created a “perfect world” scenerio for what I think todo list software I needed. Then I went looking and foudn that todo lists were missing quite a few things. I settled on and have been using it for a couple weeks with great jubilation.   However, I have recently found the main limitation of shared lists.

In fact, I was on the verge of dropping $20 to them to extend my pro account for 1 year. has a feature where you “send a task” to someone. This allows them to see the task title and description. It does not allow them to see the subtasks, priority, or list. Then, when your friend/spouse/whatever completes the task, you get a notification instead of the task being marked as complete and then have to find your task in the “waiting” queue and complete it yourself. Which in turn means that things are duplicated and quite confusing as to whether the task actually gets done. This is not going to work for me. So, I’m moving to something else. taught me quite a bit about how advanced todo list software works and I will be greatful to them for that lesson. Wunderlist is looking really good right now and so I have revisited them and am considering switching everything over to them. It will take me a while to move all 300+ todo items, recurring items, projects, contexts, and tags but to be able to actually share a todo list with my wife is worth that extra effort.

Yes, this update is happening on the first of April. This is not a prank or April Fool’s day joke.  If it was it would be a piss poor one and worth getting slapped for it I was seriously running around saying “Hahaha April Fool’s Day! I didn’t change my to do list software! Fooled you!” 

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