Adventures with bartering through Craigslist

I have been watching too much reality TV and getting the “I can do that” fever.   I know I’m not going to pan for gold and strike it rich and my wife won’t let me buy storage lockers, because there’s no where to put that crap except the basement and we’re already planning on going through it to get rid of stuff.  But, one thing I could do was barter some things that we’ve had laying around and try to get something that we’ll use!

So far, I have traded for some cool stuff so I figured I would tell you about it.

I had an extra 20 gallon fish tank, rocks, filter, and some extra accessories. I found an awesome guy on Craigslist who breeds fish and plants in his basement. So, we took over the stuff and he gave me 12 Angel fish, a ton of snails, and a bunch of tank plants. If I had purchased this all at retail from a pet store I would have spent a ton of money!

I had a digital camera we hadn’t used in nearly a year which I was able to trade for an undergravel tank filter and a power head (basically an impeller that sits under water) for my cichlid tank.

We had another point and shoot digital camera that was replaced recently (since we’re having a baby and wanted awesome pictures of the little girl), so I found someone who wanted it and had a barely used Baby Bjorn. Nice trade!

Lastly, even though this goes against the “trading rules” of the show I watch, I traded an Ikea desk/table and $40 for a 35 gallon bowfront tank. This is what I traded the undergravel filter and pump for.

I have a couple more items for trade and I’m hoping to get a few things that I can’t spend cash on. So if you know anyone who has a beebox, an air compressor, and/or some airtools – I have a Coleman Air Mattress, a complete 20 gallon tank setup, and a 10sp Kensington road bike (which is really more of a cruiser if you ask me) for trade!

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