An app idea that would change my world

I have been traveling a ton since Jan 1 for my company Spotted Koi. Going to networking events, meeting with potential new customers, and also with customers that we have and continue to work with. So far, it has been alright except that I frequently have to pull over and use my iPhone Google Maps to find a spot to crash between meetings. Not only that, but the cost of driving around the block a couple times and then buying a drink so I don’t feel guilty adds up pretty quickly.

What I am proposing is a website/app that will help me out by doing the following:

  1. Grab my schedule from my calendar, along with addresses for where I need to be
  2. Plot that schedule on a map
  3. Show me places I can crash between meetings
    1. Possibly even show me the “cost” of crashing there
    2. Free wifi is a must
    3. Parking for free is huge too
  4. Optimize my travel route for time or distance
  5. Allow me to have this route on my phone, so that I can use it as I go
    1. If the app had a schedule listed out and could one-click “get directions” to my google map, omg.
  6. Give me reminders of where I need to be
  7. Let me check in using Foursquare to places I visit (one button would be AWESOME)

The idea here is that it would help me plan my day, show me how much time I actually have between meetings including travel time, and the relative cost of stopping at Starbucks all the time.

For example, some of the places I would like to be able to stop at are places that have free wifi, like Starbucks, McDonalds, Libraries (some do, some don’t) and other places where I may or may not need to pay to use the internet.

I know there is someone out there who thinks this project would be really easy to build, and it would save me a ton of time and money. I would pay $4.99 for this app for sure, especially if I could plan it on my computer and share it with my phone.

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  • Matt Bernier

    A freind suggested an app that does a few of the things that I wanted for this post. It is called 4DCalendar for iPhone and iPad. I will admit the iPad version is WAY Cooler than the iPhone version, but they both work well and help me plan my routes and get an idea of where I need to be during the day.