An update on my friend

I talked about my dilemma with my friend Brandon once before.

I sent Brandon a letter with some paper and envelopes that had the stamps printed on them.  Everything, including the letter was sent back to me as contraband.  Along with that, I got another letter from Brandon.

He is ready to be done with the life he has, in fact he is scared out of his mind.  I am not grateful for the fact that he is afraid for his life, but I am grateful that he is ready to get straight and get the hell out of where he is.

I will have to respond to his most recent letter and send him the previous one with it, because he didn’t get to read it.  Apparently, they just told him that he got a letter, it was sent back and why.  Also, I got a hold of his mom and told her an update about him.  Hopefully, he will be able to send out a letter to her.

I got some information from Brandon’s mom about why he needed the money.  Turns out that you cannot send them money directly, that would be too dangerous for all the inmates.  What happens is that they get money “on the books” and this makes getting things like stamps, envelopes, snacks, etc easier.  I wish that I could put the caveat that he can ONLY spend the money on letter writing materials and not food, but who knows.  I am still not sending money, but I am trying to support him via my letters, even though he hasn’t actually gotten the one I sent him

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  • Ted

    I hope it all works out for him. You are doing the right thing, simply standing by him and letting him know you are there IS the most important thing you can give him. He will need that when he gets out. I just met you not too long ago Matt, yet I can tell that you are an awesome person to have in my corner. Hopefully Brandon will remember that quality in you and build on it… build a successful life for himself.