It is amazing to me how people will get so angry about something and then transfer that anger on to someone or something else.  Ever wonder why so many pets, kids and spouses are abused?  I would bet that much of it comes from anger at another situation and the feeling that the anger cannot be controlled, so it just comes out.

When I was in college, I had a professor who taught the class “Journey of the Hero”. This class was intended as a different way to look at classical mythology.  The approach was to look at these stories as life lessons instead of as a story to be memorized and quizzed on later. We wrote essays on how this story effected us as a person and how the message of the story could be applied to our lives.

The one thing that stands out in my mind the most about that class was a lesson about anger.  My professor, being a monk, had spent a great deal of time in meditation learning about himself, the world around him and learning from his mentors.  What he said still sticks with me (roughly from memory):

When you are angry and you share that anger, you propagate that anger.

It is simple.  It is very Yoda-like.  It is so very true.

Anger stops when the person who has just been given anger chooses to not be angry or chooses to not take on the anger.

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