As promised, my crazy conversation with a guy on Craigslist

I was looking to barter an old camera for some fish tanks parts.

This guy came through with spades, but man it was a battle to get there… Figured I would share, since I was bitching about it on Twitter.  Each one of these entries below was an email, if I put his name in there twice it was because two emails came through.

Him: What are you looking too trade for

Me: I would love to find an under gravel filter for my fish tank, but I am open to other ideas as well.

Him: Anything specific on the filter

Me: I have a 35 gallon bowfront tank. If it works with that tank, then I’m good to go!  Having the pump would help too, since the grating and tubes are of no use without the pump.

Him: What about a top fin undergravel filter for up to 40 gallons and what type of pump?

Me: I guess I mistyped the item name earlier, the attachment for the under gravel filter that I am looking for is called a “power head”. It causes the water to recirculate through the tank and the filter, better than an air pump can.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work this through with you, I am very much excited about the prospect of this trade!

Him: What about a CoralVue High Seas 101B High Output PowerHead.

Me: Sounds perfect!

When would you like to exchange the camera for the tank parts? and where? I am in South Aurora and would prefer to meet somewhere like a starbucks, grocery store or something.

I would like to test out the powerhead first just to make sure its running, I will bring a bucket of water and a power converter for my truck.

Him: I am located in Lakewood

Me: Awesome. I could come up today during lunch or I could meet you tomorrow on my way to my meeting downtown (around 12pm). I could probably also meet you around 3:00 tomorrow.

Whatever works best for you.

I could meet you at the Alameda Square shopping center at Alameda and Tejon. Would that work?

Him: I am busy during lunch today and work 11 to 3 tomorrow. What about later today

Me: What time works for you? I could definitely run up there anytime before 3:30 or so.

Him: It would have to be after 4.

Me: How about between 3 and 5 tomorrow? I’ll be closer to you making it all easier.

Him: That should work I’m off at 3

Me: How about 3:30, does that work for you? Is that location I gave, is that OK? I’ve never been there before, but it looks like a fairly large shopping area.

My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx

Him: I don’t think I would be able to meet there then. I work at alameda and union

Me: Can you please tell me an exact time and place that will work for you?

At this point, I’m getting a bit frustrated but try to turn it around and ask where he will be so that I can come and meet him at his place of business.

Him: Where will you be tomorrow?

Me: I’ll be downtown, but I can meet you just about anywhere along the Alameda corridor West of I-25 after 3pm but before 5pm. I will come to you, that’s not a problem.

Him: can you come to lakewwod?

Him: I meant Lakewood

Me: Yes I can come to Lakewood.  Please tell me where we should meet and what time works for you – between 3pm and 5pm tomorrow (August 2).

It was all I could do to respond nicely here, I offered to be anywhere on Alameda – which includes the whole part of Alameda that runs through Lakewood.

Him: alameda and union works at like 4

Me: Ok, that sounds good. What specific building or address should I go to? I.e. what parking lot should I wait in?

Him: We can meet at king soopers on alameda and union. Can you send pictures of the camera. And it works great right

Me: King Soopers at 4pm at union and alameda. Sounds great!I will send you pics tonight of the camera, I left the house for dinner. The camera worked great the last time I used it. I will throw a couple batteries in it to make sure everything’s good to go.

Him: Can we meet at 430 they are keeping me later at work

Me: Yep, no problem.

Him: Do you have pictures

Him: What’s you number. Do you just need the power head

Me: I sent you pictures last night and I thought they went through, but looking at my email history it looks like there may have been an issue. I attached them to this email.

I am at the Starbucks in that King Soopers Parking lot that you told me about in your previous email and I have the camera with me, so you can come and look at it.

We talked about the power head and the undergravel filter in trade for the camera.

My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx

I did screw up here, but got the pics over.

In the end everything worked out well, but we had a couple emails to get it figured out. It was frustrating trying to get this set up, when it could have been much easier.

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