Automation 10 – Converting Word Documents to PDF using

I have been playing with automation software to backup my computer, move files around, do some data entry, and organize my life. All of my automations so far.

Software/Accounts/Hardware required for this automation:

  • Mac OSX

I was looking for a way to quickly convert a .doc or .docx to a .pdf without having to open, click Print, and then PDF the document. I went to Google. The first article I found was great, except that they were using an older version of Automator so a couple things didn’t jive with version 2.2.4. Also, based on their instructions, I would always be happy if my desktop filled up with random PDFs. Yeah, that doesn’t work for me.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Create a new Service (there are no plugins anymore)
    1. At the top dropdown where it says “Service receives selected” choose “files or folders”
    2. Where it says “in” choose “”
  2. In the workflow add the following:
    1.  Get selected Finder Items
    2. Convert Format of Word documents – choose the “Portable Document Format (PDF)” option
  3. Save the service as “Word to PDF”

Now you should be able to go to any word document(s) and cntrl+click (aka right click) then select “Word to PDF” from the bottom of your dropdown.  You should see a bunch of stuff happen, like Word opening and closing, this is normal.  Then, you will notice that you have a copy of your file as a PDF in your directory.

I am doing this because Evernote will embed a PDF into the note so it is readable, which means I don’t have to open a file to take notes on it!



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