Automation 2 – Files sent to my work document management system and Evernote

I have been playing with automation software to backup my computer, move files around, do some data entry, and organize my life. All of my automations so far.

Software/Accounts required for this automation:

When I started recruiting, I just hadn’t thought about the document management problem that arises from reading, processing, and sending so many resumes around.  There are many systems out there, called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), where you upload the files and then a database is kept of all interactions, skills, and contact information. This gives a bit of organization to what could have been a chaotic system.  I put all my info into the ATS, but I also like to have notes readily available in Evernote. This is just a duplication of info thing, but I get a speedy way to look people up when they call me back or co-workers ask about them. Also, I get to format my data a little easier with Evernote and I can embed a PDF into my notes which is just absolutely amazing.

Our ATS system, like so many others, accepts emailed resumes and will parse them into the system. I wanted to automate this, so that I didn’t have to email every one or upload every single one to the system.

Put a file in Dropbox, email it to my ATS, then add it to Evernote

Automate files in a dropbox folder to be emailed, converted to PDF and added to Evernote

So, I was able to do this ALL with Dropbox Automator, since they allow you to chain actions together. In my world, this is fantastic. It took me probably 5x longer to write this blog post as it did to set up this automation and it saves me somewhere between 5-60 minutes a day.

In DA: I chose which folder to watch, added the email action to my ATS custom email address, added the convert to PDF action, and told DA to add the PDF file to a note in Evernote in a specific notebook.

The notes with the PDFs show up in my “To be Contacted” notebook in Evernote automagically!

WishList: There are two things I wish that I could do with DA.

  1. Is to be able to add HTML before the PDF on the note, instead of plain text because I have a couple specific headers and horizontal lines that help me stay organized within the doc. So far, all I can add it plain text (DA removed HTML) and Evernote does not respect the line breaks I put into DA. (This one is prevented with JS on the DA site)
  2. Is to be able to attach 2 files to the same note, as it would be ideal to have the original file and the PDF both attached. (I contacted support about this one)

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