Automation 3 – Instagram Photos to Flickr/Google+

I have been playing with automation software to backup my computer, move files around, do some data entry, and organize my life. All of my automations so far.

Software/Accounts required for this automation:

I was perusing the recipes that other people have shared and found that many people were saving their Instagram photos to their dropbox, because while Instagram is awesome, there’s no good way to go back and fetch all your photos. I guess you can save get them from your phone, if you have it set up to save them there – but that’s too many steps. Automation is king.

Now, I also have my Empire Avenue account which is hooked up to Google+ and Flickr. This means I get in-game credit for actually putting photos on those sites and since Instagram doesn’t go there automagically…

Instagram -> Dropbox

Save all your Instagram photos to Dropbox

Using this is a very simple recipe, I probably just clicked someone else’s and modified it for my own directories within dropbox. Now, whenever I post something to Instagram the photos automagically show up in Dropbox.

Upload photos to Flickr and Google+

Since we have DA and it watches my Dropbox like a hawk, whenever the recipe runs then DA runs.  DA will pull any files that show up in my Instagram folder and push them out to Flickr and Google+ automagically. Then the files are put into my “processed” folder and I could have them automatically moved over to my computer’s Photos directory like I did for pet picks in Automation 1, but I don’t take enough Instagram photos to have to worry about them filling up my Dropbox just yet.

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