Automation 8 – The fastest way to get photos off your iPhone

I have been playing with automation software to backup my computer, move files around, do some data entry, and organize my life. All of my automations so far.

Software/Accounts/Hardware required for this automation:

I was asking the a couple weeks ago on Twitter what the fastest way to get my photos off my iPhone so that I could use them for things like CraigsList posts and emails without having to type on my phone.

Then, soon after, Dropbox added a new feature. When I hooked up my phone to my laptop, Dropbox popped up a box that said something to the effect of “Automatically download your pictures to dropbox”. I agreed to this new service.

Now, whenever my phone is connected to my laptop, my pictures show up in Dropbox and I don’t have to do anything more than what I was doing already.

If I felt like getting really fancy, I could have all the photos that show up in this Dropbox folder go directly to iPhoto using Automator.  I would set something up like I did in Automation 1, where Automator watches a directory for me, and have the files go to an iPhoto album called “iPhone photos” instead of to another directory.  I haven’t set this up yet, because frankly I am not a fan of iPhoto and don’t care if they show up there or not.

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