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    I read your input on the meat business. Well put, I have had the same experience over time with a few different companies. I opened my own a few years ago and then lost most of what I owned through a divorce. I share the same view as yourself on the whole idea of getting your customers trust up front and if they don’t trust you they will not buy. I have sold many things over the years and generally at the top of any list of sales in any market. Roofing, siding, windows, auto’s, and especially meat. At one point knocking out 14 to 16 full cases of meat per day. Not bad but dedicated hard work, no exceptions. I am looking to change careers and just not sure in what direction. I was always interested in some sort of IT sales, but not much knowledge in the field. Not to mention anyone I talk to in the field acts like you have to go to Mars to learn or go to Mars maybe to have room for they’er ego is a bit more fitting. One gentleman I spoke with however told me it wasn’t until 40 years old that he entered the field of IT sales and never looked back, he didn’t start out with any experience to speak of at all.
    Any input for this??

    • Matt Bernier

      There are companies who will train newbies, but generally it can be VERY hard to break into a new industry later in life. It totally sucks and it will be hard work to find a company who will train you.

      My suggestion is to check out this post that we wrote at Technical Integrity on how to find an awesome job. I would also ask that guy how he broke into it, if you can contact him again!