Day 10

E woke up multiple times last night, I’m tired. 2am is no longer a friendly sight for me. I feel old.

I had a dream that I went to a clothing store that was a restaurant, while waiting for the meaI I went to check out shirt. When I came back, no one was there. There was a bill though and some delicious looking pork.

Bathroom light switches should be connected to the water system or photo-sensors installed somehow so that when the light goes off, the toilet will flush and lower the seat or lid if the seat or lid is lifted. It should also shut off water to the shower and sink. You could also have the lights be set to be full bright only between certain hours of the day so that you can see but not have to fully wake up when you pee at night.

Said this today: “If you sit, you don’t miss. So in the dark, you sit”

Supposedly, we will be moving into our new house of the 10th of August.

Resumes read today: 113

I am having trouble with a WELL KNOWN web site and their response to me was to “That seems to be a bug of some sort. I would restart my computer or try a different browser. If that doesn’t work, he can reach our technical support team by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and clicking on the Help Center” Restarting your computer will NOT fix a problem with a website.

“Clear the mechanism”: For Love of the Game is a great movie – Just let it all out, kick some ass, and you’ll get a no-hitter (or whatever baseball metaphor you want to use)

The winning kid on Jeopardy tonight was dominant and then made his ending total be 66,600. The middle kid couldn’t ring in and made a spelling mistake at the end, I felt bad for him.

I have a headache from my glasses and poor water intake with a sprinkle of terrible sleep.

I called my eye glass place about the new frames they owe me, apparently they have been there a while and they “forgot” to call me. This guy is a jerk. I told him the lenses I have are causing me problems, he did offer to test them. It will be my word against his, which means I’ll be wrong whether I’m right or not. My last dealing with him was less than stellar.

E came home tired. She refuses to sleep, even though she ate. She’s playing now, which is great.

Whoever saw FedEx/kinkos and UPS stores having printing as a thing was smart. What other things should be smashed together?

It’s hot in here, I drank a soda way too late in the evening, there are a ton of things happening all at once with my job/companies/projects, my brain is going going going.

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