Day 100

It’s day 100. That means I have 100 days of writing these posts and have added 100 posts to my blog. Wowza.

I don’t understand how a sales organization is successful when people don’t answer the phone. How do you make sales if you don’t talk to the people who are coming to you asking you to sell them your product?

When asked “Do you want this or that?” and you answer “Thanks”, that’s a bit frustrating, unless you actually want both. Then it’s just unclear.

If you have an interview set up with an awesome company that you want to work with, make sure your phone is working, your voicemail box is empty, and that you follow the hell up with them. Otherwise, you will lose the opportunity permanently.

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  • arnaz woods

    great post!!

  • Joe Buchel

    Great advice and insight

  • Gary Brewer

    I love this post!

  • rictownsend

    Great post!

  • Nick Liverman

    good post !

  • amidiabetic

    Love it!

  • Sudio K


  • Gil Datz

    Ha! Good points. Congratulations on hitting your 100th post.

  • Ming Jong Tey

    Good stuff! Keep it up all the way to your 365 :)

  • Cherry Smith

    Great Stuff! Can’t wait for more… Thanks!

    – Cherry

  • Meresha Cube

    Hi Matt. Have a great weekend

  • Java Dewd

    Simple. I like that…

  • Nikki Ng

    Matt, I feel your pain from terrible customer service. Look at the bright side, you know what are the right things to do :)

  • stewartmar

    Great post – simple and to the point. Like your writing style :-)

  • Shahidul Alam

    This didn’t have the same effect on me as the videos, which were strangely intriguing.

  • Rachel Bloomer

    I like your advice. It reminds us about something we don’t notice sometimes :)

  • Remo

    Good advice here mike. Nasty looking spider.

  • George J Lloyd

    Congrats to this milestone :-)

  • Drew

    That take commitment, 100 days in a row. Pathway to success.

  • vishal


  • Abyd A Sayyd

    Great post – simple and to the point. Congrats for the milestone

  • Jum’atil Fajar

    Be consistent !

  • terrinakamura

    One hundred? wow. I’m impressed! Congratulations! And you happened to hit on a topic that bugs the heck out of me — people who don’t answer their phone. Another pet peeve — leaving a message, then having a person call back who doesn’t bother listening to the message, but instead calls to find out what you wanted. Sheesh!

    • Matt Bernier

      If I call back without listening, it’s immediately and I let someone know that I thought it was better to just call back right away.

      • terrinakamura

        Good to know!

  • Tom Laing

    +100 well done. I don’t understand how a successful sales organisation doesn’t correct things when a sales goes wrong. I had two in the last couple of months. Firstly the bike I still don’t know who I’m dealing with all email and no phone and secondly online sales with no contact phone or email. Weird business.

  • Duncan

    100 ….well done… that is 100 more than me…. what are you hoping to achieve here???

    • Matt Bernier

      I am just having fun recording my thoughts and posting them on my blog.

  • Vladimir Gutenmaher

    Congratulations! Looking forward to see the 1000’s!

  • Stuart Donald

    Hi Matt, I’m loving this post. Keep up the good work

  • Kevin Morrice

    Congrats on breaking the century mark, Matt! I really admire your commitment. :)

  • Lou War

    Impressive. I have a hard time writing one or two a week.