Day 106

2013-11-04 07.50.04I decided that I am only going to record the blog posts going forward, why go back? If there’s a good reason, I will go back and record the others that I skipped. Yes, this is after recording 8 of the original posts already.

I have never been a fan of long sleeve shirts. Recently for some reason, I have been OK with them.

We got a new car seat for E. I was going to install it in the truck, but then I started reading the instructions and decided that it was a bad idea to try to do this before work. Hopefully, it will happen tonight.

I wrote the word “Hackathongs” instead of “hackathon”, that made for an interesting visual

The handyman came and replaced the pump on our dishwasher. It’s fixed!!

No matter what my daily caloric intake goal is, my mind and body work together to want all those calories as quickly as possible during the day. Knowing how many calories I have left only makes me think I am hungry.

I am not a fan of people who reply to one email with something having nothing to do with that email.

It is silly that we still have to use faxes and scanners, when a photo and an email will do just as good.

I am frustrated that everyone just assumes that you hate your job. The bank lady today said, “How was your day?” I responded with “It was fine, thanks” and she said, “well at least you’re off and going home soon, right?”. My “fine thanks” was not an indication of my job status as much as it was an indication of not wanting to have discourse. Maybe I will start depositing my checks in the ATM instead of at the counter.

I am also frustrated with the assumption that Engineers need to “break out of their shells”. That’s a stereotype that I don’t subscribe to.

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  • Mithu Hassan

    Great idea !! Love this !!

  • D

    Good one Matt…. I need to do the same … inspired!

  • Junior DE

    I think it’s a great idea man

  • Donald

    Agree, good idea. maybe even post the video above the text

  • Senn Nathan

    Looks great keep up the good work thanks for sharing!

  • Stephanie

    Lol, nice vid

  • Adrine D’mello

    Good Job (y)

  • Cosmin Motoc

    Great Job Thanks!!!!

  • Gloria Bieser

    This is a good idea, I just have a problem to do good videos, do not have the right equipment :-)

  • Tom Mack

    Great video – love the way you put it together. Hope you do your blog that way in the future.

  • Patrice Paquette

    Nice idea adding videos! Multimedia really make your blog more interactive.

  • doruman

    For some time it’s a known thing – in the main, images, mainly videos. generate more attraction from readers. The researchers realized that the visual image is the most powerful magnet for viewers, they understood as the human psyche is influenced by the best of our senses… so, don’t using video marketing in any niche on online marketing – it’s a big loss…

  • Everydata

    Unique to add videos. I like it though I agree going forward is sufficient.