Day 11

The Cavalry

The Cavalry

E woke up at 2 or 3 every night for the last 3 nights. She also has decided that my facial hair is a pull up bar, toy, and generally a good time to try to rip off my face.

I am confused as to why people still use their ISP’s email address. Yahoo, MSN, Gmail, etc all provide an email address that doesn’t change when you switch ISPs.

“If it makes you feel better, half the people who come in this place have some sort of crotch rot.” — House

Ralph Fiennes always looks like he’s there to eat souls, even when he’s in a rom-com.

Resumes Read today: 145
Emails sent before 5pm: ~70 (stopped counting at about 4 and estimated from there)

Watched a movie and don’t have a clue what it was called and I definitely don’t understand the ending.

Saw my 2nd fire truck, first ambulance, and 4th cop car in a week in the Extended Stay parking lot. I’m just glad they pulled a live person out of the room, didn’t expect that.

Saw a guy walking in the gutter which was attached to a perfectly good sidewalk.

I picked up the biggest cashier’s check I have ever had come out of my own account. Tomorrow I give it away to a stranger.

People who have small living spaces should shut their laptops, what if someone hacked it and was watching you? I’d rather have mine shut, just in case. No one needs to see me chow down a whole Party Sized bag of chips by myself.

A couple of dudes walking down the street rocking some toothpicks, look like total tools.

This is the 258th post on my blog.

I like starbucks, I don’t like the way they smell or how their smell sticks to me
I like American Apparel shirts, I despise their CEO
I like Chick-fil-a sandwiches and I like reading Orson Scott Card’s books, but I don’t like their stance on gay marriage
I never know what the right answer is with how to deal with these contradictions

I need a nap. I don’t need more caffeine today.

My internet connection got weird, so decided to make 34 copies of this note.

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