Day 116

I wish I hadn’t smoked all that weed last night… It was way stronger than I thought and I kept hitting it. Ended up sick and crashing Dave’s house instead of going home.

Now I’m taking the drive of shame home.

My mail app freaked out, showing me an alert window for every calendar notification from the last two years. It crashed my MBP. I went to apple support and asked them to call me. When they did, I pressed 1 for support and then it hung up. I rescheduled and the guy called, showed me which files to delete and now Mail is not freaking out.

I watched a guy justify stealing content from a well loved and well respected local coworking space, put it on his own, and then get reamed by that local community for being a douche. The greatest part was that the community kindly suggested that he take it down first, but when he kept ignoring what they were saying and then got rude, they did. I love the Denver community, it really is awesome.

My baby knows how to do things to my laptop that I don’t know how to do. I never thought I would be the person to say that.

Startup Shirt of the day: Pivot Desk – Dark grey with full color logo

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