Day 12

Double Rainbow!

Double Rainbow!

Melissa is back, I missed her tremendously.

E is different around the both of us than she is when it’s just me.

E cried as I was leaving her at school for the first time.

Did you know that when the gas pump says, “choose payment type” that (every time I’ve tried it) you can just put your card in and skip that step?

Write something witty here <- note to self

You can only help people willing to be helped, it’s amazing how many people say “Help me” but really mean “Pay attention to me, I say ‘help’ because I don’t know better”

I like giving things away. So you should give me stuff to give away!

If you want to smoke, that’s fine. Just please be 20′ from a door. And please please please, don’t be up wind from me. chain smoking. Ugh.

Facebook posts of photos and memes are not activism. Quit complaining and take more action than clicking “Share”.

The reason the Denver average day care price is in the top 3 in the country? Highlands Ranch.

The Big Bang Theory is nothing more than exaggerated and annoying stereotypes of smart nerds. How does perpetuating this help our kids to be willing to go into STEM? Answer: it doesn’t.

Also, laugh tracks are lame.

Our neighbors at the “apartment” are decent people. Our air conditioner is not good people.

We talked to the front desk, they offered us another room. We took them up and have till 1 to get fully out of the other one. This A/C unit works, but the room smells like weird lemons.

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