Day 121

Wilker isn't bald...yet.

Wilker isn’t bald…yet.

I finally wore each of the unique shirts I have in my collection. Time to start round two!

I forgot that I had two meetings downtown today. I was sitting here on my ass knocking stuff out, trying to be productive and then WHAM! time to run downtown so that I can make sure I am not late.

“What’s the agenda?”

I was given lunch today for attending a meeting of Denver Digital leaders. I was given a ticket on my car, because I got back to it 20 minutes late.

I think accountants are the most flaky anal people I’ve ever met.

Melissa and I were talking, she said, “oh noooo!!” and Cricket came running into the kitchen looking for dropped food.

Startup shirt of the day: Atlas Purveyors’ “Steep Grind Nosh Explore” – I reset through my shirts. After 50+ days of wearing individual shirts, I reached the end. Time to start through them all again!

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