Day 127

[no pictures this day]

I am an anxious person. Often, I just start thinking about something I have to do and if I get that rush of anxiety I just walk away. I am trying to push myself into the waterfall and just do these things. It’s tough, really really tough.

I hand write 99% of all the emails I send out, I typically do not use form emails unless it is of utmost importance to do so. To that effect, if you receive an email from me about a job, I wrote it for you and not for a mailing list.

It is weird to me how even though I am reading 100+ resumes a day, my brain can still generate that little tingle in the back that says, “You’ve seen this resume before”.

I refuse to make E live in a world where she worries that I won’t be able to provide for her, whether it be medical, food, a roof, or education. She will be taken care of as my first priority even if it means I don’t sleep, I don’t eat, and I don’t do anything other than work my ass off to make it happen. There will never be any question in my mind of whether to spend my money on E’s survival and education or spend it on ANYTHING else.

Side project profits as of this morning (to date since 11/23/13):

  • -$163.4
  • Costs on oDesk are $148.93
  • Ad costs: $12.23


  • Fb ad impressions: clicks:
  • Items on my new project site: 200
  • People working on the new project: 3
  • Avg visits per week over 7 days: 20
  • Avg visits per week over 7 days: 100

Shirt of the day: WordPress “code Poetry” on a grey long sleeved 100% cotton American Apparel shirt

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