Day 128

There was a game on Facebook that popped up in my feed as an ad. They put up a Panzer and said, “Now you can feel like Patton”. I commented, “Um, Panzer was a German tank, so now I can feel like one of Hitler’s commanders?”. They changed the ad.

I didn’t have many notes today, I wasn’t feeling it. I was working and trying to get things done.

I did however shave 5 seconds off the load time of a website.

Side project profits as of this morning (to date since 11/23/13):

Costs on oDesk so far this week: $27.69
Ad costs: 19.88


Fb impressions: 19,385 / Clicks: 21 / CTR: .011% Avg visits per week over 7 days: 19 Avg visits per week over 7 days: 113

Shirt of the day: Colorado Startup Survey’s “Startup In Colorado”, white text on a green Next Level 100% Ringspun cotton shirt

Hoodie of the day: The Startup Shirt Charcoal Canvas Tri-blend hoody

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