Day 13



We moved rooms bc E was so warm in only a diaper, she was pink and sweaty

Our new room has:

  • Working A/C
  • A new dishwasher with a door that closes straight on
  • A blanket between the comforter and sheet
  • The wall plugs hold things plugged in
  • This TV has issues
  • The carpet is dirtier
  • It smells like lemon cleaning solution
  • The kitchen faucet runs water, rather than spraying it
  • It’s on the first floor
  • It has only one bowl, but our pan has a lid.
  • We got 3 forks instead of two
  • The microwave is attached to the wall and not on top of the fridge blocking two cabinets

It hurts when your back hurts.

Before we had everything out of our old room, the A/C unit was replaced. Our new room keeps a humid ~75, but it’s still better than what we had.

We watched The Help again today, walked away with a craving for southern food. Hold the chocolate cake please.

To say that the rooms and their quality is consistent at Extended Stay America is hilarious.

The hot and cold are installed backwards in the shower.

I hate being “sold” and the whole aura of pushy sales people. Melissa on the other hand, HATES those people with a fiery passion.

E had noodles. More like E distributed noodles everywhere.

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