Day 17

This is my standing face

This is my standing face

Note: somehow I missed this posting. It’s up there now.

I felt fine, other than a sore throat, when I woke up. Now, at 8:15am, I feel worse. All of a sudden, I feel kind of weak and crappy. My sore throat is really bugging me and I have a bit of light headedness. What I would really like, is to lay down and sleep for a while.

The Extended Stay manager said that she was going to have the maintenance guy come and clean the carpets this morning. He will also lay down some poison for the ants.

She also mentioned that at this point, the ants are probably living in the apt and not coming in from outside.

Every time I plug my iPad in, I expect it to vibrate to tell me that it’s receiving those sweet sweet electrons.

Resumes read: 35 + 2
Emails sent:
Resumes skimmed for other people: 4
Resumes forwarded to someone at TI: 27
Responses from candidates: 2
Trains ridden: 2
Vehicles retrieved from car shops: 1
Meetings cancelled: 1
FOYP mentions heard: 3
Movies played in the background: 2
Phone calls: 9 connected, 2 missed
Contracts modified: 1

The bread in the deli at King Soopers is ridiculous good. The stuff in the red paper bags.

Hypothesis: all smokers are self centered ass hats who could give a shit if other people who don’t smoke have to breathe garbage air.
I’m probably wrong that 100% are like this, but my experience is that the majority of them are.

I like Malcolm Reynolds but my opinion is that Castle is not a great show.

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