Day 2

The closet

The closet

That evening I noticed the cats seem pretty happy.

We woke up to E, having puked (like real puke) all over herself. A family shower resulted, E slept through the shower

Mel took E to her new day care

I rolled downtown for DOCC pretty quickly, being in DTC makes getting downtown easy

I got groceries and some plastic storage drawers from WalMart so that we could take advantage of what little space we have in the closet.

Those drawer things are not made to be carried with things in them. The nice smoker lady with the sweetest brindle pit bull in the parking lot helped me pick all my groceries off the cement. Then, told me what I already knew and recently learned about these plastic drawers.

Abigail spends more time out of her hiding spots

We made spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner, our pot could only fit half a box of pasta

Mel did clean up, we filled the dish washer with E’s bottles, two bowls, a pot, silverware, and a pan.

Sleeping was easier, even with the heat, because we figured out optimal fan placement (both blowing on us)

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