Day 21

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I awoke to a jungle of cardboard, disorganization, and the shrill calls of native cats and small female humans. I’m not sure I’ll survive this unforgiving landscape, but I press forever onward until I meet my end.

E was fussing, so I laid her in the bed with us. She immediately turned herself perpendicular in the bed and then fell back asleep. We however are now wide awake as we hang on the edges of the mattress.

Being behind in my daily posts had me confused for a solid 5 minutes, trying to figure out which pictures from my camera went with the posts. The content I post today is about yesterday, so it gets yesterday’s pictures. It’s not as easy as it looks.

I reserve the right to remove any mullets from my house whether attached to your head or not.

The pictures above were born from a request of pictures of my new house.

I met a smoker who takes his smoking away from other people, he’s definitely in the minority.

Nobody sends me snapchats.

A dog literally scared the piss out of Amber the cat.

Many boxes are empty, but we have not summited this mountain quite yet.

I dislike holding my phone so someone can read it. So, I shake the phone so they can’t and then take the phone so they can.

If I ever produce root beer on purpose, I’ll brand it “Heinrich Von Biereuten”

I didn’t realize how much food E drops at every meal until our dog was gone for a couple weeks.

We got our first, “who the hell are you” looks tonight when we waved at our neighbors as we drove to our new house. Then they took a wide berth around our driveway as they walked by, so I said hi and made them uncomfortable.

E was all, “this piece of dust has deep earthy tones” and I was like, “that’s because you just ate dirt”

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  • Helene

    Gahhahahha love the slideshow.