Day 25

Got this after our all hands meeting at work

Got this after our all hands meeting at work

That whole thing about letting a baby alone and she will cry herself to sleep is total bunk with E. She will literally sit there and cry for hours just to make the point that she’s pissed and just not going to have it. – 3:30 – 4:15am

The only thing that made E happy this morning was to sit on my lap while I took care of some things on my computer. She’s sitting here reading this as I type this note.

We did an Ice breaker at work today, “Most embarrassing childhood story”. Mine were 3: I once drank so much Dr. Pepper that when I stood up I threw it all up; My brother once peed on me while I was sleeping because there was a light on near me, he thought he was in the bathroom; I once said, “I don’t want this” after being given a Christmas gift, I learned about being grateful for things given.

I thought of one more embarrassing story: In college I was drunk and pretended to be the drum major from the front of the band procession, in the middle of the street. The cops liked it so much they handcuffed me and talked about it a while.

When I can’t find an email it really frustrates me.

Saw a guy talking on his phone while peeing. I see this a lot. It’s not me.

I had a fart queued up all day, with a poop right behind it. I let it all go at 6 tonight, it went well.

The third time I used the bathroom tonight, the guy in the stall next to me was saying “frick, frick no, frick”. I know that feeling/pain and I do not envy his journey through that pee.

I walked out of the meeting with a coors diesel can in my pocket.

My day consisted of three meetings. Yes the whole day was consumed.

Somehow I missed dinner today.

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  • Gary Brewer

    This is so great thanks so much!