Day 3

Litter Bits

Litter Bits

E woke up unhappy and very early, so we let her sleep in our bed. She rolled over against my back and cuddled in. It was pretty cute

E and I slept in, a little too far into the morning.

I took her to her new school for her second day – realizing I totally missed the process for checking her in and regardless of the instructions Mel gave me, I couldn’t get into the building without assistance.

After successfully dropping E off, I moved to the Jimmy Johns parking lot for my morning work meeting. Verizon’s cell signal actually was enough for a google hangout. I was impressed.

I ran to Mel’s work to switch vehicles, because hers is the only one with a car seat. My truck still has a ton of stuff that needs to go to the storage unit.

After my morning calls, I drove to boulder for a couple quick meetings and lunch with dave.

One more meeting in Boulder

Then, I drove back for venue walk throughs for Denver Startup Week

I wish we had a vaccuum (it won’t fit and to/from the storage unit is 45 minutes). ┬áCats are supposed to be “clean” but they are not, they drag litter bits everywhere.

We made chicken helper, with no butter, so there’s a semi-permanent film of burned “seasoning” and chicken on the pan. Hopefully, this comes off.

Laundry day. It’s $4.00 to wash and dry one load. Their washers are very small. Need to find a new laundromat.

Started writing this while waiting on laundry

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