Day 30

New kicks, old socks that don't match

New kicks, old socks that don’t match

If Apple allowed iMessage as an API, and then app developers integrated it, I would be ok with switching to Android. It’s the only thing I’m really held back by, I love not using text plan for texts.

I received notice that my shoes shipped through amazon today, they will be delivered tomorrow.

It is amazing how a glass of water can entirely change how you feel.

I got my laptop back, apparently all that was wrong was that my optical drive couldn’t read optical media. Weird, because I thought I had a power issue.

Spent my day pretty overwhelmed. I covered the stuff that was bugging me, but I am missing a bunch of things related to the move that I still need to do. Mostly changing addresses and taking care of a couple bills for my business.

Yesterday you sent 76 messages (more than 98% of other Mailstrom users),
received 166 messages (more than 97% of other Mailstrom users),
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  • Peter Draučbaher


    • Matt Bernier

      Thank you?

  • Simon Robinson

    It’s more than iMessage that’s holding me back – I’ve lived with Android for almost 2 years – never again – it’s just not reliable enough – if you like to tinker with your handset, root it and such like then go for it otherwise stick with Apple it might be a closed but there are definite advantages

    • Matt Bernier

      I agree with the advantages. It is weird knowing that many of the complaints I have are fixed with the hacked versions, but I just don’t care to void my warranty to have those features. I trudge along and hope that the authorized version will have new hotness and solve my problems.
      I do love imessage being on my phone, ipad, and laptop. That makes chatting so much easier. I just wish that it would integrate gchat on all the devices and not just the laptop.

  • terrinakamura

    Matt, um, the post — it’s random stuff, right? It’s interesting, though. And I do love my iPhone. Cheers!

    • Matt Bernier

      I just write the stuff that I come across throughout the day.

      • terrinakamura

        Still, although random, somehow very entertaining!

        • Matt Bernier


        • Matt Bernier

          My wife and I will read them sometimes out loud in a very dry monotone voice, it makes it fun to try not to laugh.

  • David Sanger

    just can’t see any attraction for Android.. at all..

  • Gerrit Bes

    I love Android everyday more! Last Version feels very stable and great flexibility! Cheers Android

  • prowebguru

    nice dailies dude. And your shoes too :)

    • Matt Bernier

      Thanks, the shoes are awesome.

    • Matt Bernier