Day 31

Proof of where I parked

Proof of where I parked

More than a month of these updates. Wow.

E woke up again at 1am. She didn’t want a bottle, we numbed her mouth, held her, and she went back to sleep.

Day 2 at the gym – I rode 7.4 miles on a recumbent bike, then I came home to eat left over pasta with chicken/corn/green pepper with taco seasoning. And coffee. Yum coffee.

Yesterday you sent 81 messages (more than 98% of other Mailstrom users),
received 141 messages (more than 96% of other Mailstrom users),
and removed 200 messages (more than 96% of other Mailstrom users).

I am thinking that since everyone is out of the office today, I will probably get a bit further through the emails. I need to get my office set up though, so it might be the same, just with my office the way I like it.

I have never, ever, enjoyed my reflection. I don’t know why, but looking at myself in a reflective surface is less than enjoyable to me. This includes the reflection from a computer screen, mirror, or a still pond.

If you’re going to be in a video for a company website, you should wear a shirt you’re proud of wearing.

Paid for parking downtown using the parkmobile app. 12 minutes after I paid, I received a $62 ticket on my car. It took 20 minutes on hold to get this fixed, they promised me an email with the confirmation number and didn’t send it.

I saw a gas station in Denver with 16 pumps. It’s a freaking unicorn.

Apparently if you say “not happy” when calling Apple’s support line, they automatically send you to a customer representative.

The craziest thing happened, I set my phone on my MBP and the screen went blank. I picked it up, clicked a key and it came back. I think my phone made the MBP think the lid was shut.

Copied from a comment I made on a post saying “We should talk about the weather more”: It’s hot out, it makes me sweat. So I had to go and get stronger deodorant. Also, the pleather in my truck gets SUPER hot and feels all burny against my skin. I’m ready for winter, because I miss pants.

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