Day 34

It starts early...

It starts early…

E got her first fat lip. We were practicing walking and I didn’t catch her in time. Plus side, her teeth are well seated in her head and well suited for carnivorous activities.

Basement unpacked!
Matt’s office unpacked!
Downstairs sitting area unpacked!
Dining room unpacked!
Emmalee’s room unpacked!
Master bedroom unpacked!
Bathrooms unpacked!

Yeah, we’re nearly done so that was a summation, we didn’t do all of that this weekend. We also will always have one or two boxes left, at least. OK, so “done” is an overstatement. It should really say “nearly done!”

Had a combo from steak and shake, it was worth 1320 calories. That’s 230 less than I aim to eat in a day.

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