Day 35

A picture of my shame

A picture of my shame

I ate a half a container of ice cream last night. It was delicious.

E slept all night and in the morning when she started to stir a bit, I picked her up and we laid on the couch for another hour while I read and she dozed.

I like to try new stuff constantly. The Downside is that I like to talk about it while I try it. Sometimes I worry that comes off cocky, but really I’m just looking for feedback.

Just when you’re thinking things are going great, you realize the key you need in order to rekey your lock is at the bottom the trash can under some old food, you nearly strip out a screw that’s only halfway into the wall, or you turn around to check on your smoker and the deck is on fire. Three of these things happened to me today.

I sat 53″ from Melissa at dinner. I know this bc I had a tape measure at the table.

I can control my laptop from my iPhone, while watching it on appleTV.

New game: Meat or Deck?

Now for something completely different…

The cutest

The cutest

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  • Austin Briggs

    Haha, he looks great! When my kids were that small, they used to love licking the yoghurt cans all over. They still do.

    • Matt Bernier

      She went nuts on this one, we took her outside and washed her off :)

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  • PrePayAsYouGo

    A deck, B deck, C meat?

    • Matt Bernier


    • Matt Bernier


  • Joan-BlogBizBuzz

    Tough life, Tough meat…..