Day 37

We stop thieves to save you money

We stop thieves to save you money

I just don’t understand why people work so hard to walk on the left side of sidewalks.

A bit of genius on a Facebook post: “to save this for later, click the image and share so it will store on your personal page”

I like Fresca, unless I have a sinus issue and then it makes me feel like I am drowning. Sprite does too.

I am taking tomorrow off.

Other people’s egos… Enough said.

A bike ride around that big ass lake near my house sounds good to me. Need to fix my bike, still.

Spit your gum out and kick it high into the air. It’s fun.

Your A/C fuse box should not have one time fuses in it. The people who put them into my fuse box have cost my family $30, two hours of work, and at least two nights of sweaty sleep.


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