Day 39

Boulder is far...or maybe farther?

Boulder is far…or maybe farther?

Got up early and went to boulder. Drove over 100 miles in a 4runner with only me in it, don’t tell people from Boulder. Shhhh….

Watched a restaurant employee who had my to go order in one hand and some guy’s stay-in order in the other. She handed that guy the stay-in the. took it away from that guy’s hands and handed him my to-go, then wrapped up the stay-in and handed it to me. I was hungry and ate it anyways.

Pronounce banana like maƱana, it’s more fun.

“Your 4runner is not the one with the green topped water bottle”, said my key as it did not unlock the wrong vehicle.

That whole 2pm slump is stupid.

At one point I sent out friend invites to a bunch of people on Facebook. Like 2 years ago, because I barely send them out

I had a stretch that I almost passed out from. I stood up, stretched and sat down when I got light headed and nearly lost touch with space-time.

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