Day 44

This fish barely made it home before giving up

This fish barely made it home before giving up

The last time my back hurt like this, I was able to stretch it out and make the pain go away. This time, no stretching is helping.

I would go to the doctor, but I have meetings downtown all day. Hopefully, I can set something up for tomorrow morning.

You know how I know E is almost a year old? By registrar sent me an email reminding me that her domain will renew soon.

Yesterday you sent 1 message (more than 63% of other Mailstrom users),
received 37 messages (more than 83% of other Mailstrom users),
and removed 5 messages (more than 64% of other Mailstrom users).

Frustration is putting the remainder of our moving boxes at the curb and the trash people not knowing why the recycle guy didn’t take them.

Try feeding someone food with a spoon, you may find that you have an involuntary reflex you didn’t know about.

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