Day 45

You mean "2 Hour Parking, all the time"?

You mean “2 Hour Parking, all the time”?

My back still hurts, so I am going to see a doctor. Not a fan of doctors, mostly because they are so expensive.

I am tired of people taking extreme positions. Not because they are adamant about themselves and what they believe, I am cool with that. I am tired of them, because they are blind to everything else. I confirmed that an article was written using Snopes. I did not give any leanings towards my opinion of the editorial, I did mention that it was an editorial “(i.e. not fact, opinion)”. Due to the fact that I am not seen as “on the right team” as the OP the reply was “HAHAHA, seriously, you used SNOPES!!?”. This boggles me and makes me question something I know to be fact, which then really frustrates me.

I went to a chiropractor, he adjusted my back. By that I mean, my back popped because he put his whole weight on me. It doesn’t hurt as much but I feel light headed and possibly feel a headache coming. This should be glorious.

Yesterday you sent 101 messages (more than 98% of other Mailstrom users), received 124 messages (more than 96% of other Mailstrom users), and removed 262 messages (more than 97% of other Mailstrom users).

My truck is getting 18.258 mpg.

Said this today, “I’m 70% sure I don’t give a shit”

Just bc you’re parked legally, doesn’t mean Denver Parking patrol won’t give you a ticket. Quote, “we ticket for about 35 different things”

Tired of self serving people. Stop being jerks.

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