Day 5

Truck note

Truck note

E woke up really early, then played the part of fish out of water in the bed. For 30 minutes.

The comforter literally slides right off our bed, even when we pull it up and hold it. I think it has low friction nano-technology in it.

The cold brew coffee was ready this morning. I filtered using my permanent coffee pot filter, into a metal pot, then poured into tupperware, back into my storage jug.

I smelled poop, wishfully thinking I cleaned the cat litter. Nope, baby pooped. I lost diaper roulette this morning.

E decided to be a kitty this morning. She drank kitty water and tried to eat kitty food. She got a second outfit before 8:15am.

Decided to work from a coffee shop close to my lunch meeting spot, didn’t make it there. Going 65, my truck stopped working and I coasted to the median.

I walked west on 8th, found an auto shop. They put a chain on my truck and pulled me off the highway, saving me $70 tow fee.

Truck was supposed to have parts in by 1, didn’t get them till 2. It’s going to take 3 hours to put in a 1 hour (book rate) part. My battery isn’t holding a charge. So I got a new one and new oil too.

Had the best Mexican food I’ve ever had in Denver, on a fluke. Tacos De Mexico is delicious.

Took the train south to meet Mel and E for dinner, got off an exit after I should have. Walked back instead of risking a Wackenhut ticket.

I’m all sweaty and not dressed properly for dinner.

My phone has 2% battery left and I can think of 3 people who need to call me today before 5pm.

Sourcing. Resumes. Feedback. Lots of emails. All while sitting in a cloud of cigarette smoke. I am amazed when I see smokers, mostly because people still do it.

Sitting outside and working, with cotton boxer briefs = swamp ass. My ass is hanging off this bench, because I’m airing it out.

Sushi with my ladies to celebrate ditching $20k in debt. E grabbed her tube-o-treats and flung them about in celebration.

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  • paulmerrill

    Congrats on finishing the day!

  • nanalou

    Cricket said to let you know she is sleeping in bed with grandpa and Nanalou and figure

    8 running in the biggest damn yard she has seen yet. Great smells abound in the yard. So much to do and so little time.

    • Matt Bernier

      We’re really glad that you guys could take her, she would NOT be having any fun in this apartment. It’s too small for her, for sure.