Day 51

It's funny to be known so well

It’s funny to be known so well

Yesterday was achy, high temperature induced sleep, and watching tv. At some points I could barely get up.

Melissa is amazing and took care of all my whimpering requests.

Saw a doctor, well a PA really, they forcibly inserted things in my throat and then told me I tested positive for Strep. Pardon me while I crash on the couch for two days.

Is the transporter room on TNG even necessary? How about the turbo lift? They can beam people to and from any point of the ship. They would save time, energy, and space by not having the turbo lift. The transporter room seems to be for decontamination, but only when they feel like it. Since the holodeck is basically transporter tech, couldn’t they transport people to the holodeck and decontaminate them there?

When someone from the bridge on TNG or TOS walks off the bridge, someone shows up from the turbolift and takes their spot, immediately. How do they know they’re needed? How do they get there so fast?

Things I ate today:

I cup of Lipton tea – I thought I was going to puke after, not Lipton’s fault, package of Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup (see, no hard feelings Lipton), fruit medley cup, chobani yogurt, Fritos, Doritos, Sorbet, chicken lo mein, water.

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