Day 54

I pulled a hose up into our second floor to fill my fish tank

I pulled a hose up to our second floor to fill my fish tank

We filled, boxed, and moved 800 bags for Ignite Denver last night. This is the most yet. I hope people like them.

I don’t get this many Facebook notices on my birthday, what is going on!?

On iPad and iPhone, the “fix my word” feature is always looming and ready to act. On OSX, it is definitely always faster to delete the word and fix it yourself.

Friday the 13th…

Software companies who do things that are “Windows only” really need to figure out that some of their power users are on a mac and don’t have access to Windows.

Recent lesson learned: if you try to do something even slightly altruistically you will get shit on. If you act like a self-serving douche, you will get your way.

Facebook notices this morning: 38
Days behind on posting dailies: 8
Total Bags filled by the IgniteDenver crew last night: 800
Total amount IgniteDenver’s in-kind sponsors are giving away: $411,267
Eaves spent on EmpireAvenue Missions: 30MM
Todo list count for Today, at start of day: 29
Todo list count for Today, at end of day:18
Ipad updates pending: 25
Sodas consumed: 1 coke, 1 root beer
Yesterday you sent 126 messages (more than 98% of other Mailstrom users), received 142 messages (more than 96% of other Mailstrom users), and removed 292 messages (more than 97% of other Mailstrom users).

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