Day 6 of No Shave November

Oh my...oh my...

Oh my...oh my...

Yeah, I know the picture is funny and creepy at the same time.  Sorry about that, I took it this morning when I was a little jazzed on coffee and had only slept 3 hours.  What are you going to do!?  Actually, I was on my way to a perfect shit-eating grin when Photo Booth Snapped the picture.  I couldn’t resist keeping it.

So, The Metal Mustaches have been ranked among other teams on!  We are currenlty #655 in the nation with $160!!  Thanks to all the people who have donated and raised donations so far!  A little bragging will tell you that I am #3924 in the Nation and #5 on the Metal Mustache Team.  There will be more to come for sure.  If you want to help out with a donation, please go here.

I am still working on the location and amenities for the party on the 30th.  If you know anyone who wants to help plan, or who is on another team, please send them my way. I would love to get them involved or just invite them to the party.

Side note: One of the tags on this post is “Shit Eating Grin”

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