Day 65

My office tank, pre-fish

My office tank, pre-fish

On my way to take E to school, there were two dogs herding cars in a busy street. They had them all stopped and were just staring them down. I am the only person who stopped to shoo them out of the road, everyone else just sat there waiting for the dogs to get out of the way. Someone ran over one of the dogs paws, or it hurt itself some how. It had a bloody paw.

Tedious jobs are no fun, but necessary. Some people don’t realize how important they are.

I am not a fan of having to run across town for my glasses for the 3rd time, to watch this guy be a complete asshole.

I hold back quite a bit from these daily posts, someday I will put everything I am thinking in here. Just not today.

I love 1password auto-fill for things, so fast!

Todos left at end of day: 5
Fish bought today: 19

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