Day 66

Beer panorama

Beer panorama

E was asleep when I got her to school, then she woke up and tried to steal another kid’s food.

I don’t know about you, but lifting weights off my list is a great thing.

If you would like me to attend an event, please give me at least a week’s notice. Invites received less than a week out are being ignored. This is/will not always be true for my schedule, but the extra heads up is nice thing for you to do and my plan is something I am trying to stick to.

Just got my glasses fixed last night. But, I left them at home. I am downtown.

When people ask me for job advice, I usually respond the same way: “Do what you are passionate about, what you love”. It’s the only and best answer I can give. I can’t tell you what’s right for you or your career path, because I am not you.

The term “soft opening” is vulgar and foul, if you think about it that way. In the other context, it means free food for anyone involved. Although, talking about it meaning free food after thinking about it in a vulgar context will mess with your head.

# of fish alive this morning: 100%
Ounces of water I drank today: 40
Startup Shirt of the Day: Twilio

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