Day 7

Out of Order

Out of Order

Made the second batch of cold brew coffee, I left it to brew for more than 24 hours. I’m a bit afraid that it will be too strong.

We realized that we traveled quite a bit yesterday: Dtc, Lakewood, golden, Lakewood, Parker, south aurora, south Denver, dtc, Parker, south aurora, dtc

“This girl is on fire”, no seriously, someone get some water


“We don’t need no water..” (Local radio keeps playing this song, a girl can only burn for so long)

There’s fog in Denver. It’s weird.

Root down continues to deliver. Every time. So full, I feel good not gross.

Saw someone stop on an on ramp to the highway, rather than just entering the highway.

Our apartment neighbors have a beautiful Grey pit bull named duchess. Super sweet.

Do the people holding signs on the I-25 bridge know what “impeach” means? I’m convinced they think it means “kick out the President” rather than “try him in court”.¬†

My first attempt at a laundromat had 3/4 of their machines “out of order”, the remaining machines were being used, the proprietor was scary.

The second attempt, came with a friendly short man who thought I was his your guide.

In my hurry to get out of the apt while being sneaky so E wouldn’t wake up, I left my iced coffee on the counter.

I did manage to get ALL of our laundry, 3 triple washer loads, done in 40 minutes. The washers were 20mins and dryers ran 2x. It cost about $16 to do it all. The dryers are not set up for triple loads.

Everything is temporary, remember that.

Someone in our complex tried to burn their building down. It smells real bad.  Really bad. Through our door, without opening it. Fireman came and hung out for a while, it looked like they had a checklist.

If you ever wonder where your resolve is, E has it. She’s channeling it towards not sleeping. She amazes me. Military training should include videos of her staying awake, for advice.

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