Day 71

I took a minute to myself, but Abigail made it her minute

I took a minute to myself, but Abigail made it her minute

Uh oh, my brain filters are not on yet today.

I managed to get where I needed to go on time this morning, I thought for sure traffic would hose me.

Had Pho for lunch. Fresh Jallys and sriracha make a great lunch.

Vietnamese coffee is delicious.

Coffee, water, coffee, vietnamese coffee, a little more water, Nos. Y

My Facebook photo for yesterday’s post was hilarious.

I think it’s bullshit, the trucks with “not responsible for broken windshields” stickers

Spent 30 minutes doing some work after hours today, so that I could prove how long it takes and that it’s worthwhile to my team. If someone wants to challenge something I am suggestion for work, they can go right ahead.

This is my new desktop background:

I have a Living Will, but just in case – When I am dead, BURN MY ASS. BURN ME and DO NOT put me in one of those stupid caskets. If you want to have a wake, put me on a table, let people walk by and smell my rotting corpse and then torch me. Take my ashes and put them somewhere cool. The will has more detailed things to do with my ashes (most of them illegal) but whatever. Just do it. Don’t waste money on me. If you can get a permit to do a bonfire, do that instead. Have some fun with it.

Startup Shirt today: Built In Colorado

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