Day 73

[I suck, I didn’t take any pictures yesterday]

I’m at a 4 way stop. The cross traffic goes, so the truck next to me and I start to go once the intersection is cleared. A lady going crossways decides it’s actually her turn and goes. I honk. She looks over with the same face as Beyoncé (I think she pooped herself) and she honks back at me. Apparently, people don’t know how 4 way intersections work.

All my emails go to one account now. That’s nice!

When moving all your emails to one gmail account, remember a couple things:

  1. If the account you’re sending to also sends emails to an account you send from, you get a wicked cycle.
  2. Labels are your friends
  3. Make sure “from” accounts have the right POP setting (all emails go to your inbox)
  4. Filters are your friend “Before:2013/10/01 in:inbox”, search, select all, archive works like magic
  5. Don’t sit and watch the emails come in, walk away, archive them all at once
  6. If you can’t get gmail to access another gmail account through POP3, go into the “from” account that it won’t log into, change the password and try again. They want to know you are you.

Note: I wanted all my email so I could do searches. Having everything in one account only makes sense if you have 100% functionality.

Startup Shirt of the day: Built in Denver

Other stuff:

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  • Eric Hearn

    Maybe she was English – we sure don’t know how 4 way intersections work

    • Matt Bernier

      She was angrily, I know that.

    • Matt Bernier

      I don’t think Americans do either.