Day 74

I caught the Virginia Creeper!

I caught the Virginia Creeper!

Driving to Boulder this morning was pretty awful.

Just because a file was made in a Windows environment, doesn’t mean it can only be read on a Windows machine.

There is nothing fast about how gmail imports emails from another account over POP3. Maybe it is just that POP3 is not a great protocol. I don’t know. One thing I do know, is that it would be ideal if it checked for “most recent first” and then worked backwards rather than working from “oldest first” and then forwards.

Twice this morning, before 10AM I learned that my memory is complete shit.

I really want backup buddy or someone else to build a plugin that will auto-check for updates, do a backup at midnight, and then update the site. If something doesn’t work, it should have a check for that and roll back.

Don’t yell at your users for using the software the way you set it up. If they are doing something that you didn’t think of or build, then that’s YOUR fault. Take advantage of the situation and fix or update, but please don’t be an asshole about it.

The lady at the bank had epic levels of cleavage and it made me really uncomfortable.

E had 4 incident reports in 2 days. She was bitten 3 times and she fell once.

Startup Shirt today: AlchemyAPI

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  • Alain Thai 7s

    sound good 😉

  • Gerry DUnn

    Sharing Matt!

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  • Michael

    sharing on my networks:) cheers

  • Steph Jacobs

    Heh, I love the random collection of thoughts! So agree with you about getting mad at users for how they use software. And yup, epic cleavage is totally uncomfortable, whether you’re a man or woman!

    • Matt Bernier

      This was pretty crazy. Here’s the deal, I don’t mind checking out some cleavage, I’m human. However, she was wearing like a corset type top where there was an underwire bra attached to a shirt bottom.
      She was my teller, and her boobs were huge. I couldn’t look at her without seeing them so I just stared down at the counter.

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    nice post, its great that you are writing everyday, will keep reading

  • Gary Brewer

    Very nice software can be a pain in the you know what sometimes!

  • Junior DE

    just what i needed to hear!
    – Dimitrios

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    Sharing this out.