Day 75

Big snowflakes outside my window, but I still wish I had Snowflake in my belly.

When my tank was set up last time, my guppies were very successful. This time, they won’t stop dying. The other fish in the tank are fine, but the guppies die. I don’t know what’s up, but I tested my water and it’s fine. Maybe it’s time to look into a school of tetras?

I guess Gmails POP3 import sleeps at night, because when I get to my computer in the morning it says “9 hours ago.200 mails fetched.”.

I found out yesterday that iTunes’ “Sync Photos From Folder” for photos is not what I thought it was. It syncs the photos from that folder to your phone, not a true back/forth sync from folder to phone and vice versa. So, if you’re like me and you syncd the Dropbox Camera Uploads folder to the phone, all your photos are there 2x. YAY!

I wonder if sales would go up if Amazon put an “add to cart” button on their search results?

My day:

  • Inbox 12
  • Cleaned up some importing stuff from gmail
  • Contacted 4 customers on introduction emails
  • Organized all the “current status stuff”
  • Posted my daily post
  • Put out 5 missions on Eav, 3 for jobs, 2 for my personal site
  • Got a placement
  • Updated the TI site
  • Reviewed a doc that should organize all our information on job sites
  • Talked to the boss before he left town
  • Talked to two of our contractors to get them on the same page
  • Emailed multiple clients to follow up on submittals/statuses
  • Organized some emails
  • Finished the left over chicken and the tater tot casserole
  • Followed up a candidate who accepted an offer

Overheard: “I’m on a family errand and don’t know what time I’ll be back” – this guy didn’t lie, per se, but he did choose not to let whoever called him know that he was out to dinner with his family. Weird.

Startup Shirt Today: Was Boulder Beta’s Ironed-on-logo shirt, but it shrank since I wore it last (in weird ways) and so I switched to PivotDesk

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  • Drew Frey

    If you need a new PivotDesk shirt, just let me know. We’ve got a some new designs in :)

    • Matt Bernier

      This is me letting you know!! I would LOVE another shirt. I’ll email too :)