Day 77

I woke up at 4:30 this morning with a sore throat, coughing. I drank a huge swig of cough medicine and then watched TNG in the living room.

Cricket started retching just as I dozed off; I leapt to action and carried her to our tiled bathroom where she deposited last night’s dinner.

E woke up, hollering and yelling. I went in and my reaction of “What happened!?” caused Melissa to come running too. She had puked and gotten it everywhere. Her next stop was the bathtub.

Cricket had her normal breakfast, but since her and E were puke buddies E gave her half of a peanut butter waffle.

It is much easier to dose E with her eye drops when she is drinking a bottle, as she feels the bottle is of higher importance than her well being or sight.

“Oh, cluck cluck cluck #1, you’re being a mother hen” – Jean-Luc Picard

I took a video of E “sitting still” with iMotionHD where one pic was taken every 30 seconds. She was anything but still.

Best quote of the day, “You can think like an idiot, just don’t talk like one.”

Pulled my MBP off my desk and was greeted with a. “You are now running on reserve power”. I am confused how a laptop plugged in all night has no power.

Startup shirt of the day: Open Shift

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